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Our talented, experienced team handles everything from leasing to rent collection to maintenance. Whether you’re renting out one single-family home or an entire portfolio of diverse real estate assets, we’re here to provide a better rental experience.

Partner with us and enjoy higher profits and fewer worries. You won’t have to stress about vacant homes, bad tenants, or late rent. Instead, you’ll enjoy an efficient leasing process, on-time payments, documented maintenance, and transparent accounting.

There are two main reasons we’re the leader in Jacksonville property management: service and value. We’ll make sure every need is met, and we’ll exceed each expectation.



At St. Johns Properties, we understand the financial loss that comes with a bad tenant and a vacant property. That’s why we work hard to place tenants who meet our high rental standards. We evaluate income and rental history, we look for past evictions and criminal activity.



Protecting the condition of your investment is one of our biggest responsibilities. We take care of routine maintenance issues, emergency repairs, and a schedule of preventative maintenance that preserves the value of your asset and protects you from sudden, unexpected expenses.



We value the relationships we build and maintain with our owners, tenants, and vendors. We know that communication is critical, and we make sure our team is available, accessible, and responsive.

We make sure the tenant moving into your home has a verifiable track record of on–time rental payments and proper home maintenance.

We also offer a Tenant Placement Safeguard. This guarantees the tenants we place for the full 12-month lease period. If a tenant breaks the lease for any reason, St. Johns Properties will place a new tenant with no additional placement fee.

That’s how confident we are in our residents.

Renting Jacksonville homes in neighborhoods like Brooklyn, Southbank, Panama Park, Murray Hill, Lake Shore, and the Downtown Core.

We also take careful notes and photos of our inspections to document the condition of your rental property. Before a tenant moves in, we carefully inspect the home to make sure everything functions. We take hundreds of pictures so we can compare the condition at move-in to the condition of the property after a tenant moves out.

Maintaining a rental home is often one of the largest expenses for a property owner. We’re careful to keep costs down by using licensed, insured, and preferred vendors who frequently work with us and offer their best pricing. We also hold tenants responsible for general things like:

  • Monthly air filter replacements
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Lawn care (unless in a multi-family unit)
  • General care of property interior and exterior

Maintaining Jacksonville rental properties in zip codes 32202, 32226, 32218, 32208, and 32207.

St. Johns Properties has invested in technology to automate our processes and make the management of your investments more efficient. Owners have an online portal, where you can set up a bank account to receive rental payments, review maintenance invoices, check out all the accounting reports you need, and print copies of leases, inspection reports, and other documents. This is also a great way for our out-of-state owners to get in touch with us.

Tenants have a portal of their own, where they pay rent online, schedule routine maintenance requests, and renew lease documents. Everything is carefully documented for your protection and the protection of your investment property.


If you’re wondering how much rent you might be able to earn on a particular property, St. Johns Properties can help.

We know this market well, and we can help establish an accurate rental value that’s competitive and profitable. We understand the real estate trends here, and we know what tenants want. 

Talk to our team before you price your property. Our rental values are determined based on current data and many years of experience. We’ll make sure you rent your property as quickly as possible to the best tenants and for the most amount of money.


When you’re looking for professional property management in Jacksonville, you need to consider the value and the services you’re getting for your property management fees. At St. Johns Properties, we are your best resource for property management and investment advice.

Our pricing structure is competitive and transparent. You won’t face any surprise fees or hidden costs. We’ll talk to you about your specific needs and put together a management plan that works for you. 

Our owners love working with us because we understand the needs of our investors, and we treat our tenants with care and respect. This contributes to a better rental experience for everyone, and a more profitable investment for you.

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